The academic community at Regents is shaped by the excellence of the faculty, small class sizes, and the continuity of the K-12 program. Regents employees are engaged in an environment that is team-oriented and emergent. To ensure that our faculty is continually developing their skills in accordance with our performance objectives, we have a strong professional growth program. Even so, Regents' culture is highly sensitive to the need for work/life balance and believes God made us to work from our rest. Full time employees are offered a benefits package including 401K. As opposed to a qualified tuition reduction program, employees are welcome to apply for our tuition assistance program.

Thank you for your consideration in applying with Regents, we are truly blessed to have such amazing, high-quality candidates.

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All Sports - Coach - Continuous Recruitment

Fine Arts

Private Music Lessons
VIOLIN / VIOLA - Private Music Lessons
VOICE - Private Music Lessons
DOUBLE-BASS - Private Music Lessons
SAXOPHONE - Private Music Lessons
FLUTE - Private Music Lessons


2022 -2023 Substitute Teacher

Regents School of Austin is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding employees through a compensation plan that compares favorably with those of regional peer schools. A full benefits package makes available medical/dental/vision insurance; short and long term disability insurance; life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and additional voluntary life insurance to all full time employees. A generous paid holiday and leave package is provided to full time employees; non-teaching staff also receive paid vacation time.