Rhetoric (High) Dean of Students

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    • Date Updated: January 04, 2021
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    • Starting Date: July 1, 2021
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Job Description:

Dean of Students Job Description

The role of the Dean of Students is to oversee and steward students and their parents through a particular academic year in the SOR in closely identifying with the mission of the school. This includes:

  • Building and maintaining the trust of students and parents fostering a sense of community and creating a Christ-centered school culture.

  • Develop and implement formation programs on campus to promote students’ virtue and personal growth.

  • Aligning the student experience and expectations vertically and horizontally—between grades, and across teachers within a grade, both within and across disciplines and departments.

  • Partnering with teachers, Department Chairs, and the College Office on an on-going basis.

  • Managing communications to parents and students effectively and efficiently in regards to the student experience on campus.

  • Proactively engaging relevant cultural issues and topics appropriate and normal for students of that age and creating opportunities for dialogue with interested students.

  • Identifying issues and matters needing attention or a new approach in the realm of student experience.

  • Being the first stop for discipline issues involving classroom behavior and general student behavior on campus.

The Dean of Students will work under the guidance of the Head of Rhetoric. The Dean’s function is to be the ‘owner’ of the student experience, being the first to identify needs or opportunities to better execute our mission, specifically in terms of shaping student affections, virtues, and behaviors, and working with faculty and administration to that end.


Experience and Skills:

This position will require:

  • Regular (bi-weekly) lunch meetings with all teachers with a significant number of students of each particular grade

  • Weekly meetings with Head of Rhetoric

  • Periodic meetings with Associate Head

  • Monthly after school meetings with the SOR Leadership team

  • Close formal and informal monitoring of student health and well being, including being in frequent contact with Academic Resources and College Advising

  • A flexible schedule for meeting with students who have either been sent to Dean by their teacher or to help meet students as necessary


Skills and Expertise:

  • Facilitating problem solving among students/parents

  • Strong interpersonal skills (ethos with both students/parents and faculty is marked by one of trust)

  • Wisdom and discretion in relationships

  • Principle-based decision making

  • A strong desire for and ability to disciple students. This job is part disciplinarian, part counselor, part den parent, part spiritual director, and part communications director.